How It Works

How it works working with TMAX

With TMAX, the choice is yours. Select from a proven program, complete with instructional guide for patients and promotional materials that make it easy to see why patients gravitate to our protocols. Or you can commission our team to work with you to create your own, unique wellness system geared specifically to your patients and clientele. The collaboration between the TMAX design team and your team helps to quickly introduce packaging concepts that match your brand and bring your vision to life.

The first step is to decide how much more income you want. Determine whether an out-of-the-box branded solution, or a fully customized program is right for your business. You can also opt for an a-la-carte option and select from individual products from the Doctors Designs catalog.

Not sure which one is right for your business? A quick 30-minute consultation with a TMAX expert can help you decide.

If you have an established brand already, TMAX can reproduce the design with your name, logo, and colors for labeling on the bottles and boxes. You also have the opportunity to create a fresh new look and feel with our design team to complement existing marketing or start to establish your own brand to build more awareness for your name and business.

1st Step

Select your package of choice, Ready Made, Custom, or MAX

2nd Step

Work with your TMAX representative on the products of your choice and format

3rd Step

We ship your product to you, retail ready, in 48 hours

The TMAX team can have you selling your own branded products within just a few weeks.